Welcome to Red Wave Texas. We are here to help our conservative neighbors find the conservative candidates running for political offices. Red Wave Texas does not vet the candidates but relies on conservative organizations in our counties. Once they have sent us the information on who has passed the vetting process, we put together a list of candidates and spread the news. We also create voter guides to give out to voters during early voting and on Election Day. We have volunteers who work the polls to educate the voters. Everything that Red Wave Texas does is through volunteers and 100% of the money that we receive goes to voter guides and other supplies for the candidates. Our voter guides will provide the voter with a list of conservative candidates for the upcoming election. This way, the voter can take their voter guide and see every candidate that has been vetted and is a true conservative.

Red Wave Texas also wants to help educate our citizens and empower them. We have links and information on bills, legislative information, finding who represents you, and many other educational tools. Our goal is to help every citizen know their rights and to give them the tools to hold our local and national leaders accountable.

Our one goal with Red Wave Texas is to keep TEXAS RED!!